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Royal Whanganui Opera House


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Step into the grand and glamorous world of the Royal Whanganui Opera House, a true gem of cultural entertainment in the heart of Whanganui. The majestic theatre, with its stunning gold columns, has been captivating audiences since its opening in 1899. Recognised for its beautiful architecture and outstanding acoustics, the Royal Whanganui Opera House is a truly special place that has earned national and international acclaim.

You'll find a lively and dynamic calendar of events, from touring artists and shows to local productions, fashion shows, and dance groups. The Royal Whanganui Opera House is New Zealand's last surviving Victorian theatre and the only one in the country to hold a Royal Charter, awarded to celebrate its centenary in 1999. Designed by the talented Wellington architect George Stevenson, it was built to commemorate Queen Victoria's reign and was conveniently located near the railway station and port to make it easily accessible for theatre companies. Despite three fires and being built in just five months, this remarkable theatre is illuminated by electricity and gas, making it truly ahead of its time.

69 Street Hill Street, Whanganui 4501